Storing credentials online interface

   Published: 17 Sep 2024
If you are going to use your keys, call only what you need to your .NET app at runtime, use the keys, and close connections to Skater Private Keys Depot.Skater Private Keys are used to hide your sensitive hardcode values in .NET source code and to authorize access to your .NET app. A private key is a long alphanumeric code that acts similarly to a password. This ensures there is no way for hackers to access them because there is no connection. Your private key is generated by Private Keys Depot and is used to create your public key using encryption. The Best Way to Store .NET project's Private Keys is to use Skater Private Keys Depot. Private keys should be kept in noncustodial cloud storage until you are going to use them.

A usual problem for developers is managing secret keys used to protect communication between applications and services. Managed Private Keys Depot provide an automatically managed secret Key in Skater Private Keys Depot for applications to use when connecting to specific resources. Also, you can manipulate your stored keys inside your application source code.Applications can use managed Skater Depot to obtain Keys without having to manage any credentials. You can manage keys by using online interface. App developers can safely add the keys into Skater Private Keys Depot, and then apps can access Skater Private Keys Depot to retrieve stored credentials. Skater Private Keys that are managed identically, rule out the need for developers to manipulate with these credentials. First, we must warn that Skater Private Keys Depot system is useful for .NET apps only.