How to protect credentials in cloud Private

   Published: 25 Jun 2024
In other words, private keys can unlock the .NET source code's hardcoded values. Storing private keys on the cloud can sound like a convenience. We store all kinds of information on cloud services after-all with peace in mind that the data will always be there. The cloud is a server or network of computers that store and access data through the internet. Skater Private Keys Depot is the safe way to protect your .NET app's sensitive info.Private keys, are the secret key to unlock your .Net app secrets and have many keys recovery and import use cases. However, Skater Private Keys Depot has a few more concerns than storing a secret of your .NET app on the cloud because private keys are literally the authentication to access your application's source code.

You can use these keys and perform these operations by using Skater Private Keys Depot directly, by using cloud web interface, or by using KeysDepot Class integrations within your developed .NET application source code. Cloud Skater Private Keys Depot allows you to create, import, and manage cryptographic keys and perform cryptographic operations in a single centralized cloud service that can be utilized .NET development projects. KeysDepot class is a part of Skater.Cloud.Vault namespace. KeysDepot class offers a convenient interface for making calls to the Private Keys Depot. The API is .NET idiomatic Client library for Rustemsoft Cloud services. With Skater Private Keys Depot key management system you are the ultimate custodian of your data, you can manage cryptographic keys in the cloud in the same ways you do on-premises, and you have a provable and monitorable root of trust over your data.