Digital Health API Solution DDxHub Analyzer

   Published: 30 Jul 2024
At this time is how a symptom checker can develop patient supervision and hospital workflow as implemented into day after day practice.

It helps physicians solve diagnostic dilemmas and encourages them to take into account other possibilities.
It reduces the likelihood of delayed or not right diagnoses.
It speeds up truthful diagnosis which is a fundamental driver for clinical and pecuniary performance.
It makes patients added informed in this area their conditions and educates them.
It facilitates the long-suffering journey within the healthcare ecosystem.
It reduces the come to of unnecessary rest home visits.
It optimizes the workload of emergency departments.
By no wealth, can symptom checkers be depended on for final choice making. It's no more than a way to achieve a surpass diagnosis and as such these technologies work fairly efficiently.DDxHub Diagnosis API benefits
Quick to set up, pre-diagnostic solutions yield benefits to medical rod and patients.

Some attributes are common to in cooperation concepts:
id - short and sole concept (test or symptom) id,
name - notion name (professional medical term),
description - comprehensive description.Authentication
Diagnosis API uses a custom authentication method. Each ask for must add in non-standard HTTP header: AuthenticationID. For your Tape Development you can use AuthenticationID = DEMO_AuthenticationID. To fetch advantage of the diagnostic capabilities of Diagnosis API you be obliged to describe your serene cases in provisions of observations accessible in the presented sort; in other terminology, you need to distinguish exact Test results and Symptoms to be agreed to the /DDxItems endpoint.
For each medical belief category present are two REST-inspired read-only endpoints supporting GET requests:
one profits the list of all Lab Tests Systems (,
the other takings the list of all achievable Symptoms (
Each concept is represented by a JSON recipient with some attributes. This parameter corresponds to your unique concentration ID. We will endow with you with your distinctive AuthenticationID after registration.
An model of a request possibly will look in the vein of this (finally you will change DEMO_AuthenticationID with your credentials):
Base Health Terms
Diagnostic in turn recognized by the API engine is categorized as Lab Test Processs and Symptoms.