Skater the best obfuscator for dotnet code encryption

   Published: 7 Apr 2024

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The string encryption behave allows you to select literal ethics of string data type to be encrypted.
It will not foil an absolute hacker since deciphering the conversion and seeing your data. You enjoy choice to apply a cryptography style for the string encryption. This is done by inserting a decryption normal into the assembly and passion the decryption code at runtime to return the new Strings.Also you may mark a quantity of specific strings to obfuscate. Still, for example, an invader trying to go down a licensing routine would firstly focus attention on Strings having to do as well as licensing to locate the appropriate spot of code. You may pick all strings to be encrypted. Skater can make this supplementary difficult by encrypting the strings in your .NET assembly. Simply specified strings wish be encrypted/obfuscated.
Since Strings can provide expedient clues for a person trying to reverse-engineer your code it makes significance to protect your string data from intelligence work eyes.

You can configure the settings for the assembly with the aim of you want to eliminate from obfuscation administer. It is possible to debug an application level if some parts of its code are obfuscated and others not. You can with no trouble debug obfuscated .NET applications with Skater Visual Studio .NET integration module. This module integrates by means of Microsoft Visual Studio IDE and allows you to debug obfuscated software step by stage without deobfuscating it number one. Skater .NET Obfuscator provides the feature of exclusion for your obfuscate code.